The DeVos Family Continues to Give Back July 25, 2016

One of the most prominent families in the United States is the DeVos family. The DeVos family is a family that been dedicated to helping the communities around the country by sharing the wealth that this family has accumulated over the years. The source of the wealth of the DeVos family is the their development of Amway Corporation, a company that was built through hard work and persistence by the members of the DeVos family. Richard DeVos is the founder of this company and has always based this company around the importance of family. At his side, other members such as Dick DeVos who is the son of Richard DeVos have continued in the path of Richard DeVos to donate much of what has been earned through the success of this family company.

Dick and Richard DeVos have always been passionate about giving back to the community. Years ago, Richard DeVos was able to acquire a handsome donation to one of his supporting charities when he paid Leslie Tassell, the owner of auto parts make Lescoa, a million dollar comment. As a result of this comment, Tassell was inspired to make a $1 million contribution to one of Dick and Richard DeVos’ most beloved charities.

It has become a realization that in order to become a member of the elite society in the United States, it is not about the clothes or the cars; however, it is about the amount of money that is donated to charities. With this in mind, the DeVos family has become a very influential family in a short amount of time based upon their generous annual donations. In total, the philanthropy of the DeVos family has been calculated to be worth over $1.2 billion. Of these generous donations, over 48 percent of the donations have gone to educational initiatives such as scholarships as well as the building of new schools.

Many of the organizations that receive the charitable donations of the DeVos family are Michigan residing organizations. Dick DeVos firmly believes that it is against an ethical code to not share the wealth that has been made. Dick DeVos hopes that all of his generous donations will continue to spur economic growth and will continue to improve the community that he has grownup in. Though the DeVos family is a generous family, each family member has created their own foundation to help specific needs of individuals.

New York Attracts More and More Foreign Real Estate Investors July 19, 2016

Real estate investors in Europe are currently getting nervous about the shakiness of the situation in the European Union, especially in the wake of the shocking “Brexit” vote that has left Britain looking highly unstable. This, combined with the ongoing migrant crisis and the economic volatility coming out of China, is making investors warier than ever about putting money into properties overseas. The result is that now New York is looking bright and shiny in comparison, and investors are taking notice and fleeing Europe for the quality they see in the New York luxury real estate market.

TOWN Residential’s New York Staying Power

There’s no doubt that New York has a long history of bouncing back from downturns. The city weathered a serious downturn during the 1970s but came back in the 80s and 90s with a will to clean up the city and make it bright again. The ongoing gentrification of New York has made it ever more attractive to investors. This along with the city’s innate glamour and its stable job base, has made it more compelling than ever for investors who really want to see a return on their money.

Ultimately, this increasing demand for high-quality, luxury properties in New York means that real estate professionals with a keen knowledge of the market here are needed. TOWN Residential is now one of the top real estate firms in New York due to the quality of its staff of real estate pros. TOWN has a commitment to client service and to understanding the complexities of the market here.

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George Soros Suggests Support For The Ukraine June 14, 2016

There’s no doubt that the leaders of the European Union have a lot to deal with. In recent times the EU has veered from crisis to crisis, notes investment guru and political analyst George Soros. In a recent article in NYBooks.

George Soros notes that while the ongoing crises facing the EU are huge (including the ongoing migrant situation, the state of the euro, and the question of whether Britain will stay in the EU at all) one issue should have their full attention. That issue is the state of the “new” Ukraine, and the EU’s support for the region.

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Ukraine Deserves Debt Relief

A Proposal For Ukraine Support

Soros has put forth a proposal that the EU give the Ukraine a substantial support package in order to help stabilize the economy there. The Ukraine is now working towards a new model, a “new” Ukraine, which was inspired by the Maidan revolution of 2014. In Soros’ view, this movement should be encouraged, and financial help would do a lot to keep the Ukraine moving forward and away from their previous model. The danger is in the Ukraine falling into a severe debt crisis along the lines of Greece, which would hurt the entire EU.

The package George Soros is proposing would also include political risk insurance, offered at an affordable level, and incentives for investment. Soros also noted that the state run gas monopoly should be dismantled, and prices should be allowed to rise to real market levels. Some help could also be offered for families who would need support for gas price increases.

Ultimately, a stronger and more stable Ukraine would be an attractive place for investors. This is one of the goals Soros mentions when he talks about supporting the new Ukraine. A stable region here will be a big help to all the countries in the EU, no doubt about it.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Becomes New CEO of Coriant May 25, 2016


Coriant, the optical transport vendor, that was created by the combination of Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks, just recently named Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO. He took over from Pat DiPietro, who will become vice chairman and operating partner at Martin Equity Partners. DiPietro feels that Kheradpir will be able to use his experience and guidance on focused operational execution to propel Coriant to new levels of growth.

Kheradpir has excellent industry experience from his time at GTE and Verizon Communications. At Verizon he was part of the team driving their systems modernization, and infrastructure upgrades. He also was chief operations and technology officer at Barclay’s Bank, where he worked on the company’s historical transformation program, a massive program that stretched across 50 countries. At Coriant, Kheradpir will have to deal with some strong competitors like Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco and others with well-known names. He will need to differentiate Coriant in a heavily competitive marketplace and build name recognition for the new venture.

Shaygan’s nearly 30 years of executive experience should serve him well at Coriant. He earned a PhD., Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s in engineering from Cornell University. He holds multiple patents relating to telecom, media and other areas in the industry. Just before taking over as CEO Shaygan was an Operating Partner at Martin Equity Partners, parent company to Coriant, so he is not stepping into his new position blindly. Only time will tell, but most are expecting big things from Coriant under its new leadership.

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George Soros’ Dreadful Global Economy Prediction May 2, 2016

Who is George Soros

Born in 1930 in Budapest, Mr. Soros is the chair and founder of the Open Society and Soros Fund Management Foundations. He has a big heart in helping others which most likely stemmed from the hardship and injustice he endured growing up. During World War II, he survived the occupation of Nazi. In 1947, he fled to England from Hungary’s communist domination. While in England, he started to prosper by graduating from the London School where he majored in Economics. Afterwards, he moved to the United States where he found and managed an international investment fund in which accumulated a huge fortune.

Among the impressive accolades of being an author of more than a dozen books, and numerous essays and articles, he is even more impressive in his philanthropic efforts that started in 1979. He help funded black students during the apartheid in South Africa to attend Cape Town University. He funded various elections for democrats since 2004. Also, his Open Society Foundations operate in over 100 countries that work to promote the values of transparency, human rights, and open society.
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His Prediction

With all of Soros expertise and education, he knows about forecasting and other statistics, and in the beginning of 2016, he stated that the current market situation is reminiscent of 2008. He said that due to the terrible performance of the China index, global markets are facing a crisis. He also recommended that investors should be careful while China is struggling to develop a new plan for growth.

With China being slump in equities, and with China having a big adjustment problem, its market is a major global threat. According to George Soros, China’s devaluation of currency is of grave concern resembling the 2008 crisis. Approximately $2.5 trillion were flushed from the global equity’s value in which deep losses were seen in Asia. And as a result, it’s a challenge for the developing world to return to positive interest rates. This situation is also similar to 2008 crisis.


George Soros graduated from the London School for Economics, and then moved to the United States where he found and managed an international investment fund. He accumulated a huge fortune through this fund. With all of Soros expertise and education, he knows about forecasting and other statistics, and in the beginning of 2016, he stated that the current market situation is reminiscent of 2008. Nevertheless, with working hard and strategically to return to positive interest rates might be a challenge, but it’s well worth it to possibly avoid the terrible outcome that occurred in 2008.

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