Jim Hunt Offers Success To Investors September 27, 2016

Many novice investors want to learn how to be successful in the financial world. These novices are impressed by brokers and hedge fund managers driving Bentleys and Aston Martins and living the good life. But how can the novice investor reach this level of affluence by day trading? The major difference between the professional and the novice in the investment arena is education. Granted that working brokers and agents of a particular firm have their own research and development division, but usually, this R&D department supports the IPOs brought forward by the investment firm and other favored stocks.
A graduating MBA is armed with particular information some of which relates directly to the stock markets. For a novice financial investor to succeed without any education is folly. There are many individuals offering advice, techniques, and programs to turn small investments into fortunes. VTA Publications has a wealth of information for the novice investor, and Jim Hunt offers a detailed system which he has claimed in the past will make mum a millionaire.
Hunt’s concept is based on finding positions when a stock may be ready to lose value, and he uses this decline in value as a way to make money. His theory is similar to that of legendary Wall Street wizard, Jesse Livermore whose book, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, should be required reading by all those playing the financial markets.
About.me tells that Jim Hunt serves as the CEO of VTA Publications. Hunt has developed several wealth building programs. He has contributed numerous videos to YouTube and leads seminars dealing with investing and the stock market.

Sam Tabar is Operating New Eco-Friendly Venture September 27, 2016


Sam Tabar, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Full Cycle Energy Fund, was promoted to the position as of December 2015. He oversees everything to do with fund management for the company. Tabar expressed excitement on Twitter, and honor at taking the helms of the role of COO. He was anticipating greatly the cooperation with the leadership team and the task of eliminating unnecessary expenses. These extra costs often come from fuel that is contaminated. Thus, a mission toward cleaner and more eco-friendly fuels began.

About Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar graduated from Columbia Law School. He started out at the firm Skadden, Slater, Arps, Flom, and Meagher. There, he dealt with clients in the counseling of them for their hedge funds. He advised them on the structure and forming of investment vehicles, side letters, private placement, regulatory issues, employment strategies, and compliance plans. After that, he joined SPARX Group in 2004 to eventually become the managing director there. He would later earn the name of the head of business development for the company.

After proving himself there, Bank of America / Merrill Lynch hired him as the head of Capital Approach. Tabar then went the legal sector in 2013. He joined the force of Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP as a senior associate who focused on hedge fund regulatory and compliance issues. He left in 2014 to become a venture capitalist.

CrunchBase paints the picture that Tabar was innovative in his quest as a private venture capitalist. He was an original investor for Shethinx and Tribute, which helped to empower women everywhere with feminine hygiene solutions. Now, Tabar still has an aim to give back. He helps the operations of Full Cycle Energy Fund, which was founded in 2013 with the aim of offering privatized and equity developments that reduce the cost of fuel due to leveraging natural phenomena. The clean water generated is helping cities everywhere. Sam Tabar and the rest of the team have the mission to stop putting outdated electronics in the market and instead offer a lower cost, eco-friendly alternative. Their main source is municipal waste. This achieves a cleaner facility and cleaner water for everyone.

Mike Baur is making new companies at the Swiss Start-Up Factory September 19, 2016

Start-ups have a tremendous impact on the world around us. The right start-up can bring ideas to the forefront that would otherwise have gone ignored. Large corporations are often afraid to take major risks, and this fear of risk taking can cripple the economy. Mike Baur is an extremely successful businessman and he knows the power of start-ups. Over the course of his career, Mike has seen numerous start-ups change the world. Recently, Mike decided that he wanted to help start-ups across Europe reach new heights. Mike Baur launched Swiss Start-Up Factory several years ago.


Swiss Start-Up Factory is a truly unique start-up incubator program. The program gives potential new companies the resources they need to truly grow. Swiss Start-Up Factory is a truly innovative program that works in a unique way.


Swiss Start-Up Factory was founded in 2014. The company works by finding potential digital entrepreneurs and giving them the support they need. They run a three-month long program. That seems like a short time, but it accelerates start-up companies to their bright futures. Throughout the accelerator program, Swiss Start-Up Factory provides entrepreneurs with everything they need. They have access to software and office space. The office space is located in the heart of Zurich, a major economic powerhouse. Mike also provides the entrepreneurs with top-quality mentoring and coaching. The ability to network and grow your company through the Swiss Start-Up Factory is second-to-none.


Mike Baur is extremely proud of Swiss Start-Up Factory, but he wants to emphasize that the company is totally different from other incubators throughout the country. The factory is totally independent, which keeps it from being influenced by politics or other investors. The factory also is fully invested in every company that enters the incubator. They have no interest in their companies failing.


Mike is extremely excited to work with Swiss Start-Up Factory because he truly hopes to help elevate the Swiss business community. The factory will ask the absolute most out of every entrepreneur that enters the organization. They believe that young people must work hard and be passionate throughout their work lives, but they also need great connections. Mike wants to see a wide range of Swiss businesses enter the marketplace so that the Swiss economy will continue to grow.


Mike Baur loves giving back by helping young entrepreneurs reach new heights. He hopes to help people throughout Switzerland reach new heights. He should work with the company for years to come.


Sanjay Shah and the Amazing Autism Rocks Concert in Dubai September 16, 2016

April 1st, 2016 reflected a very important date for those whose loved ones struggle with autism. Sanjay Shah Denmark, the founder of Autism Rocks, promoted a huge concept in Dubai that featured top rappers Flo Rida and Tyga. April 1st is a very important date as it related to autism, as April is officially Autism Awareness Month. The concert surely drew the attention of many people who otherwise knew very little about autism and related research.

Not only those in attendance at the event learn about autism. Entertainment news absolutely travels and the media picked up on the show. Gulf News, for example, did a nice report detailing the show when it was an upcoming event. As the news travels, greater awareness is raised. This is one of the purposes of Autism Rocks.

Another vital purpose for Autism Rocks is the entity seeks to raise money for autism research. Those who paid the reasonable fee for a ticket to the Dubai event can feel good about the funds being directed to a worthy cause. Hopefully, those who only read about the event will be motivated to send money to a reputable autism-oriented charity.

Sanjay Shah deserves a lot of credit for putting together amazing events such as these. Autism Rocks was his idea, one he came up with after a conversation with a world-famous rapper. Shah does have a personal reason for wishing to help raise money and awareness for autism research. One of Shah’s children is autistic. His personal drive to help others has definitely proven successful in many ways.

Sanjay Shah’s success in the financial world played a large role in his ability to make Autism Rocks a success. Being the CEO of Solo Capital Partners will forever be an amazing achievement on his resume. Continued success with Autism Rocks may be his greatest legacy.

A Brief Article About Lawyers in Brazil September 16, 2016

The lawyer profession is the most popular among Brazilians. How to become a lawyer in Brazil has been a regular question among scholars in the country. In the previous years, debates all over the world have risen about law firms and their credibility. Lawyers play an integral part in a nation’s judicial system. This article looks at lawyers in Brazil and what you need to know about the lawyer profession.
Brazilian Law

Brazilian law originated from Portuguese since they were colonized by them. Brazil was able to come up with its judicial system in 1822 after its independence. After independence, the lawyer profession was bound to be created, and people willing to venture into law started being educated. The first law school was established in 1827 in Sao Paulo city and Olinda.

Brazil in the following years after its independence has had interactions with other countries that have different judicial systems. The interactions with other foreign countries have had an influence in the Brazilian lawyer profession making them adopt some foreign culture. Among the most prominent legal practitioners is Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto

Mr. Ricardo Tosto started off his career in a minute office and advanced to one of the most skilled corporate litigation law firms in the area. He is an associate of the office Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Mr. Ricardo Tosto has got many personal attributes.

Ambitious – Having started off his career in a small office, he grew it to one of the largest law firms in Brazil.

Diverse – Mr. Tosto throughout his career has defended many personalities and companies. He has also provided legal services to huge Brazilian corporations.

Mentor – Mr. Ricardo Tosto in his career has mentored most legal practitioners some of whom are currently his partners.

The above traits are just a few of the many attributes that Mr. Ricardo Tosto has. He oversees the most important cases in his firm. Though Brazil has got many law professionals, Mr. Ricardo is among the very best.


The Lawyer profession in Brazil has been among the top envied career. Many qualified lawyers are practicing in the country. Before choosing any lawyer to represent you, first, seek advice from qualified professionals in the law profession.

Digital Reputation Management Company Impresses on Inc. 500 List. September 13, 2016

The internet has opened wide the doors of possibility for entrepreneurs to spread their wings and fly to new heights. Darius Fisher, the President and CEO of Status Labs, has found success well within his reach and now his company is going to the next level in style. Status Labs is an online reputation management firm that specializes in PR control and crisis management for both companies and individuals who are in need of help. Status Labs has seen explosive growth over the past several years and in doing so they’ve made their first appearance on the Inc. 500 leaderboards for Fastest Growing Companies in the country, landing at 339.


Making their way onto the Inc. 500 is an incredible accomplishment for Status Labs. The Inc. 500 has always been a predictor of success and the track record of companies that have come through the list is impressive. Among the more notable names to use the Inc. 500 to catapult themselves are Dell, Dominoes, Timberland, Pandora, LinkedIn, Yelp and many, many more. Merely being named on the list is an accomplishment but debuting a 1/3rd of the way up it is even more impressive.


Darius Fisher called his companies inclusion on the Inc. 500 an “honor” and just another indicator that there is a very real need and desire for what his company is offering to people. As the internet continues to be a big part of our lives there will be more and more people who need to know how to manage their digital presence. It doesn’t take much research to realize that Status Labs has an opportunity to burst through the ceiling and really find themselves somewhere special. In fact, the company already has done some pretty impressive stuff.


As the CEO of the company Darius Fisher has watched over a period of just explosive growth for Status labs, seeing a 1,000% increase from the year 2012 to 2015. This growth solidly cements Status Labs as one of the elite online reputation management companies in the world and one of the fastest growing business out there as well.

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The Brad Reifler-Forefront Edge In Investing Opportunities For All September 13, 2016

Almost everyone knows that if you have an abundance of wealth, there’s a playing field out there in the world of investment that offers wide and alluring vehicles to make even more wealth. However, what happens when you don’t possess vast amounts of wealth to invest with, or much less to lose, as was the case with the 2008 mortgage crisis?

Up to now, federal regulations seem to have favored those with large reservoirs to invest, but the middle guy has not been so traditionally lucky. That is up until today.

Leading the industry to make things better for those with less amounts of financial resources, Forefront Income Trust allows non-accredited middle-class members to make quarterly investments while minimizing whatever risks may be involved.

The Forefront Focus

As defined by some circles, the “1 percent” are those people accredited as qualified investors–as determined by the Federal government. They get the breaks for making choice investments, but what about the other 99 percent?

Making investment practical, accessible and worth-while for those who are not in the upper “1 percent” of economic classes, Forefront creates equal opportunities of investment for all classes. Providing members a variety of public and private investment vehicles, the Forefront focus is on leveling the playing field for all those who simply want to invest their hard-earned money to create more.

The Brad Reifler’s Edge Of Experience

Having a background of successful vast wealth creation experiences himself, Brad Reifler comes ready to better educate investors at every level with his expertise in the area of wealth creation. With over 30 years of experience in this field, Brad Reifler continues to play a vital part in helping people find new and unique opportunities to better plan for their financial independence.

Being provided with the right information, Mr. Reifler believes that compound returns and better investment options could provide a better environment to nurture and grow the wealth of individuals substantially.

While Brad Reifler is best known as the founder and chief executive of Forefront Capital since May 2009, he was previously a founding partner, chairman and CEO of Pali Capital, the global financial services firm.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez: The Great Venezuelan Politician September 10, 2016

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan agricultural businessperson and the deputy of the National Assembly of Guarico State. Mr. Gonzalez is an active politician and has made great contributions to better Venezuela. He is a brave politician and has confronted the government on several issues he disapproves of, bringing some major changes in the country. He always strives to live a simple but exemplary life.

Mr.Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a full-time deputy who performs all his responsibilities. He is contented with what he does and is very proud of serving the government. He has made incomparable contributions to Guarco state and the country as a whole. Mr. Gonzalez keeps the nation’s interests first and is very careful not to fall into populist discourse.

The agricultural sector has been underperforming in the country. But Jose Gonzalez is optimistic that the government can rectify the situation if they address his pleas. Poor management, insecurity, and bad government policies are the main problems facing agriculture. Because the government has always turned a deaf ear to his pleas, Manuel and other farmers stopped producing rice and corn. As a result, the government is forced to import agricultural produce. But the reduction in foreign exchange can pose a challenge to importing food.

Farmers resort to smuggling food into other countries that pay fair market prices for their goods. They do not see the need for selling their produce in their country since they get no profit or completely fail to make a living from their goods. Poor agricultural policies force Venezuela to import most of their food.

Venezuela is a country with great politicians, but a few incompetent leaders are trying to take the country backward. Jose Manuel Gonzalez explains how he is tired of politicians who pretend to be messiahs. Such leaders are those who consider themselves the sole owners of the country. According to Gonzalez, the only way to solve the government crisis is through a national agreement that favors the country and takes into account leaders’ responsibility towards future generations.

Larry Madowo’s Wikipedia Page Is Defaced September 1, 2016

After seeing a screenshot of his defaced Wikipedia page from a fan, Larry Madowo, NTV news anchor in Kenya and host of the popular show, The Trend, laughed it off. He said that the new profile, which insinuated that he is a politician born in 1889, was a great biography. The tampered Wikipedia page stated that Larry mined copper in Uganda where he was born and moved to Kenya in 1913 where he sold cookies while serving as a Girl Scout in World War I. The Wiki edits went on to claim that he joined and became the leader of the Kenyan Kazi Party in 1921. Three years later, Larry attempted to seize the Girl Guide movement power through a coup. The page also alleged that Madowo was a Chancellor from 1933-1945 and that he is currently a news anchor and a suspected vampire. This information was originally reported on Nairobi News.

The above case of Larry Madowo is a clear indication of the significance of hiring a Wikipedia expert. The experts will not only create content for you but also monitor and vet any information that is added on your page. Wikipedia has a highly trained team of Wikipedia editors who will help you create or edit a Wikipedia page for your personal profile or your business. They pay keen attention to the format, source references and Wikipedia’s manual of style. In addition, Wikipedia editing services helps you connect with different communities online through their translations services. They have professional translators who can translate your page into any desired language of the recipient. This information was originally mentioned on Get Your Wiki as highlighted in the link below http://www.getyourwiki.com/

Wikipedia is the most visited website by anyone searching for information about a person or anything. When you make a Wiki page is convenient since it is a powerful platform for online marketing of your business or personal branding. Wikipedia is a show of prestige and credibility to your business brand or persona. In addition, it enhances your visibility during online searches. You can easily increase sales in your business since the page mostly pops up among top five searches on Google, thus attracting more traffic. However, these benefits do not come easy unless you get an expert to create your page. Writing guidelines for Wikipedia can be cumbersome. They range from registering your account to conducting an acceptable research for your company or personal brand. Failure to adhere to the guidelines leads to deletion or the page being flagged. To this end, it is only wise to enlist the services of a professional while creating your Wikipedia page.

How Classdojo Is Creating Empowerment And Enhancing The Learning Process August 25, 2016

Launched in 2011, the ClassDojo application is a new phenomenon that is taking over the learning process and converting it into a seamless system that all stakeholders can appreciate. The application helps to streamline communication between students, teachers and parents and is an innovative project that is aiming to make the classroom an adorable place for all.


In its Series B session, the company raised $21 million, which is going into further development of the platform. Before ClassDojo was introduced, parents would only get in touch with teachers once or twice a year, but this has changed because the application is offering a real-time messaging experience that will allow teachers to share information with parents any time.


Two years after its creation, at least 70,000 schools had acquired the application. Teachers are given free access and as much as 2 in 3 schools across the U.S. are now using ClassDojo to enhance communication between them and parents. ClassDojo has created a community that unites students, teachers and parents and is looking to grow further until all the schools across the country are served.


Most people using the application have kids from kindergarten to 8th grade classes and despite the fact the startup has not generated revenue yet, the founders are focused on distributing it to more teachers and parents.


According to the founders, making revenue off the data of the users of the application is not part of their objective as they are looking to make the learning experience better in the cheapest way. However, they are still in the process of creating premium features that would benefit the parents at a small fee subscription.


ClassDojo has attracted investors among them GSV, VC, SoftTech, Shashta Ventures, General Catalyst and SignalFire.


All about ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a modern channel that easily connects teachers with parents in a bid to encourage students while sharing best moments between the three parties. The mission behind the development of ClassDojo is to reinvent classrooms by harmonizing the communication process through a community.


Building the ClassDojo application has been about serving the interests of users, so the feedback submitted by users is used as a base while developing the platform. At least 8,000 moments are shared every minute and slightly over 15 million students are now embracing a growth mindset, all thanks to ClassDojo. The application is simple to use and fit for families of any background.